Terms of Memories2Memory Photography

Memories2Memory reserves the right to use your images for any purpose which may include but is not limited to, advertising, marketing, promotion and publishing to blogs and websites. All images are copyrighted by Memories2Memory. Editing, cropping or using the images on your USB for anything outside of personal use - including contests, business promotion or other - is strictly prohibited. By hiring Memories2Memory, you agree to these terms.



* Professional’s Headshots : $ 150

Perfect for branding your profile page or business cards, Linkdin etc. Those shoots are done in under and hour. I choose 4 of your BEST shots, and completely retouch them and give you the Full Resolution files on a USB in both colour and black and white. If your company's logo is supplied, I can add that into your photo as a watermark at no additional cost.

If you wish to have all the members of your team’s head shots done, please contact me for volume discount, and we will include one fully retouched team shot free of charge.

* Side Hustle Package : $ 650

  1. -So now is the era of the side hustle! Maybe you are selling your favorite products online, maybe your offering up your talents as a fitness instructor, home cleaning, dog walking or house sitting, blogger, virtual assistant, or even a photographer. You are the face of your brand, and a cellphone selfie just wont do. Get your photos professionally done with Memories2Memory to give your profile pictures a warm, inviting and genuine feel. This entire customized shoot demonstrates YOU and your products and services for all your platforms; print, website and social media and everything in-between!

  2. -The Side Hustle package is exactly catered to you. We do a couple hour photoshoot in your arena. If you bake cakes, lets jump into the kitchen and take some photos of you decorating, if your a house cleaner, lets get out some mops, if you are selling ethics - lets get you all dolled up with maybe even a friend and get beautiful! In this package you get at MINIMUM 15 images fully retouched and in high resolution ready to publish in full colour and in B/W (for variety if needed).

  3. -This package is a special collaborative effort and custom designed for your business, so please contact us regarding availability, theming, and options.